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Camipato´s A Little Bit Of Heaven

Sansa is from our second litter and showed great potential from early age. She is such a sweet and feminine female, I just simply love her expression.


She is a true copy of her mother Kaiyuh by the looks, but she has her father's energetic side.


According to Sansa, life is simply great and she loves everyone! Even though she is still young, I just love her structure and how she is built. She is very promising. She is always happy and it shows by her constantly wagging tail.


Due to Covid- 19 her showing career started and stopped before it even had begun, so unfortunately she has no critique from shows, but hopefully we can show her late 2021.. 

We are so happy to have her as a part of our family and I bet the future is going to be bright. 

Sansa is unfortunately excluded from every breeding plans, as her latest test on eyes didn't go through. 

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