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Arctic Village McLovin'

Arctic Village McLovin' is our newest addition, and is from Kennel Arctic Village in Romania. 
Little Kenai is our second import. We are very pleased with the choice of this puppy, since he is the offspring of the famous 
Stetson - Sno Ridge's Sudden Impact and the wonderful bitch Kinuk's I'm No Angel.
The breeder is a friend of ours that we are very happy with - Adriana Covasa.
We think this combination is very exciting and great, and look forward to seeing little Kenai grow up to be a great descendant of his father and mother. Hopefully this little guy will go far in both exhibition and work, although he has big shoes to fill. But we have no doubt that he will be just as we want.
He is relatively simple to work with but at the same time, he has a strong self-will, like most Malamutes. 
He is learning really fast, and we are so amazed by his self control. 
He is sure one special malamute, with a lot of love. He loves to cuddle, crawling up on my chest and dig his head 
under my blanket. Little did Adriana Covasa know when she named him McLovin'. 

At the age of 6 months he also accomplished BIS puppy on his first Norwegian dogshow!
There is no doubt in my mind that this little boy will reach far in the ring :)

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