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Camipato's Frozen Shadow

Nanuq was born 9th of march 2015, and is from our very first Alaskan Malamute littler. This litter was between Multi Champion Igual Du Grand Stormtyh & NUCH My Alaskan Icebound Glory. The combination between Grand and Kaiyuh proved to be really successful where the pups turned out to be very outgoing and social, with really nice temperaments.

Nanuq is super social and just loves all people and animals. He is a quick learner and loves to do a variety of activities with us. He loves cuddles more than anything and is just huge teddybear. He is a majestic dog, with a solid bodytype, with easy and ground covering and flawless movements and good working ethics. He has great proportions, he is a male of the bigger size. A true ambassador for the breed.

He had his showring debut in 2018, and was placed with BOB. 

Nanuq got the first litter back in 2018, with Spotty Dot´s Hungry As A Bear - Kela, and had two more litters in 2019 with Snowman Team Enya and Inupiat´s Amma Suka. 

We are so exited to se what the future holds for Nanuq, and also his offspring.

Nanuq is available for suitable females!


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