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Planned Litter

Planned breeding spring 2024

All our puppies are sold with:
* Full Kennel Club Registration Documents from the Norwegian Kennel Club
* Puppy Sales Contracts & Full Pedigree Endorsements
* Pet Passport and Vet Check
* Vaccs & wormed
* Micro-chipped
* Puppy Food Pack  & Care guide
* A lifetime of love and support from us.

Both Parents will have the relevant and current health tests which can be produced upon request.

Please note: we do not ship our puppies 


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If you are interested in a puppy from us, you are then going to get in contact with us and tell us more about;

  • who you are

  • where and how you are living

  • age

  • what are your worksituation

  • experience with dogs/the breed

  • Goals/ambitions with the puppy

  • why do you want a puppy from us

  • what are your expectations from the puppy and from us as breeders

We have waitinglist on our puppies, you are welcome to contact us for furter information!!

Its important for us to make the right choices so both owner and puppy have the right prerequisites for a life long cooperation, therefore we choose the puppy for the new homes. Buying a puppy from us means that you understand the value in doing health tests on your dog. Not only for what’s the best for the dog but also contribute to the health statistics for the breed. With other words, buying a puppy from us means that you are going to do x rays of hips and elbows, eye test. We also recommend testing for Long Coat (LC) and Polyneuropati (PN). Even when free from lineage. It's always a good thing to have these test in order wheter your plan is to breed or not. 

We always want to meet our future puppybuyers. If that is not an option since you are living abroad, we will make other arrangements. But what you need to do is picking up your puppy your self. We are not putting our puppies alone on a plane! Its important that we meet you and for you to meet us as well. To be able to see how our dogs live and what our goals with our breeding is its of great value for us.

Welcoming a puppy into your life is a life long responsibility for the next 10-15 years. But you also need to show that you know what it means to own an Alaskan Malamute. The breed is stubborn, highly energetic and independent. You need to know how to raise this breed, to be consistent. We recomend that you and your puppy enter to puppyclases, do a lot of socialtraining, grooming, cutting nails, doing different kind of activities and so on. In return you are going to have a friend for life, a dog that will walk by your side through thick and thin.

The breed is known for having issues with same sex, but this can be controlled with proper training.  This means that you as owner must have the knowledge how to train and guide your dog through life. Alaskan Malamutes are beautiful and stunning. They have the arctic beauty that to many is so timeless. Understanding and responsibility for your own dogs development is key, regarding of which breed you have. Therefor we are looking for puppybuyers who truly understand the breed and the responsibility that comes along with it. But also the potential buyers who appreciate the support and close contact they are getting from us as breeders. Once a year we are inviting all puppybuyers to a puppygathering at our place. A day with a lot of fun for everyone, humans such as dogs!

We are looking forward to hear more about who you are and what you have to offer to one of our puppies!

Kind Regards, Catrin & Tommy Millen
Camipato Malamutes

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