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EmmieLou´s Frozen SnowQueen

Let us introduce our newest member of the pack, a long waited great great grand-daughter of our Kaiyuh, EmmieLou´s Frozen SnowQueen - Nowa. 

Nowa is bred by our good friend Marte Graasvold behind EmmieLou. She borrowed our Nanuq for breeding back in 2018 with Spotty Dot´s Hungy As A Bear, and their daughter 
Troya - EmmieLou´ s At First She Was Shy is the mother of Nowa. Father is the handsome Skogmutten´s Ace. 

We are very happy to be trusted with one of your gorgeous puppies, an honor. And we are so incredible happy to have some of our own bloodline back in our pack. 

She definitely has a very special pedigree with a lot of stunning and breedtype looking dogs.

We are really exited for what the future holds for this little princess, and we can't wait for the story to begin. 

nowa løtane2.jpg
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