NUCH My Alaskan Icebound Glory

Kaiyuh is our first import, she came to us from Kennel My Alaskan in Denmark, I have to thank Camilla Brøgger and Bo Wûrden for this princess...Kaiyuh is funny, loves to play and woo woo, walk and run free in the woods, is obedient and very respectful with both us and the children. She is already beginning to show a lot of working skills, and for sure have the guts for it. She is a lady with big L and knows it, she is stubborn and have a very selective hearing. But when i use my "deep" voice she is very obedient. As a pup, kennelmom, Camilla Brøgger, nicknamed Kaiyuh as Evil Kenivel, cause she can be a real bully sometimes. I do my very best to correct it, but in play with me it's allowed. She knows to well that i am the alpha here and i am not afraid to show her that. 
She has a very mild but playful temper. She gets along very well with other dogs as well as cats.
She is just terrific around children.