About Us

My name is Catrin, and I've been breeding Malamute´s since 2012. We are tho a small scaled breeder, as we wish to follow up each litter, to see if they resemble everything we wanted out of the combination.

We live on the countryside in Norway, just outside Bergen.

We have lots of nature and mountains around us that we use daily. We do have a schedule when it comes to the dogs training. We do backpacking, riding the kickbike, obedience training, bloodtracking and dogshows.

As a person I'm highly active, which I think can resemble in the the choice of breed, and I see that as a natural thing as I need to train the dogs, but my main interest is showing the dogs.

My main goal with breeding is to breed dogs that have good health and temper, that can live peacefully with a family, and fulfill the exterior demands that is provided by the breed standard. Where the correct built dog also shows good working ethic.
In other words - the breed shall be built for strength and endurance, not speed.
They shall also fulfill those health demands and have a soft and welcoming temper.

Our goal is to provide our puppies and buyers the right conditions for a long and rewarding life together. When you buy a puppy from us, its a lifelong support and friendship from us as your breeders, as we wish to have the opportunity to follow the puppy's development and to be there for support and help for our buyers.
Owning an Alaskan Malamute is a Lifestyle.

You shall feel safe when buying a puppy from Camipato Malamutes.