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Polar Gold Cup 2013

Saturday: Kaiyuh - My Alaskan Icebound Glory, became the 3 Best Bitch Junior and Best of Breed Junior. She also became Res. BIS Junior under the honourable breed judge Mrs. Barbara Ann Brooks. We are so grateful that you think so highly of our precious girl. Thank you so much!

Sunday: Kaiyuh - My Alaskan Icebound Glory, became the 2 Best Bitch Junior. She was shortlisted in the Best of Breed Junior but we are so happy with her results this weekend. A huge thank you to the honourable breed judge Mr. Alan Bennet.

Kaiyuh - My Alaskan Icebound Glory, went in the Supreme class, but was shortlistet in the final. We say a huge thank you aswell to the Supreme judge Mr. Gunnar Nymann.

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